Open call 2023 - Dachen Bao

"Wind, Soil, and Bowers of Empty Illusion" was a project by Dachen Bao, who explored aspects of imperialist colonialism in China alongside the history of Chinese migration into Katendrecht, Rotterdam.

Open Call 2021 actualized in 2022

hester scheurwater
Hester Scheurwater's work Studio Studies is a 'visual pamphlet' in which she responds to the contemporary image of the double standards surrounding the sexuality of women.

Open Call 2021

Studio Watershore, detail 25 Aug 2021
For their 3-month residency, Studio Watershore proposed an on-site work-in-process to explore the (in)dependence of humans and the environment.

Open call 2020

mika radescu & aletta dejong 10 Feb 2021
TOT's first open-call recipients, Mika Radescu and Aletta de Jong shared the garden during the onset of the second pandemic. Both works reflect feelings about the state of being at the time.