Open call 2023 - Dachen Bao

Dachen's presentation for the GRAW event consisted of two installations, a film, and an audiovisual performance in the garden. One of the works in the installation was print transferred tiles resting in the soil of images derived from the archives of hunting plants in 17th-century China by the Dutch East India Company. The other tracked the history of the earliest Chinese immigrants into Europe, who landed in Katendrecht, Rotterdam. The third element was a super 8mm analog film of contemporary landscapes in Katendrecht mixed with found footage images of the wind clipped from documentaries filmed by Joris Ivens, a 19th-century Dutch left-wing director.

The audiovisual performance (collaborated with musicians Muxingye Chen, Matteo Mazzu, and Micheal Murray) intertwined with plants, trees, and sky. The assortment of images was constantly rearranged and combined through real-time feedback of improvised sound, forming a temporal and perceptual vibration that triggered memories of mobility and land.