Ongoing activity: Video documentation

TOT supports every one of its projects and sees them through for as long as they last.

In the summer months, artists-in-residence explore, process their thoughts, and their artworks grow in the garden into what usually culminates at summer’s end with an engaging event. Because of the temporary conditions of the artists-in-residence program, TOT commissions video documentation for all its artists. The video follows the artist throughout their residency, highlighting their path, not just their product. The results are video stories given to the artists and placed online for a wider audience.

TOT projects (for viewing on this site go to the projects pages)

2022 Hester Scheurwater (NL), zine presentation and opening of Studio Studies

2021 Studio Watershore (Yu-Ching Chiang / Ying-Ting Shen (TW))

2020 Mika Radesku (RO), As soon we become motionless, we are elsewhere

2020 Aletta de Jong (NL), Landscape 2020, in Dutch

2020 Ars Longa (TOT)


We are open to programming ideas for projects, presentations, and events alongside TOT's projects. (for a sampling of some events filmed by TOT scroll below)

2021 ToonKunst Koor Rotterdam, a free concert for the neighborhood after months of the 60-member chorus practicing in the garden

2021 Environmental Dialogue, a nine-musician string performance, initiated by Lucija Gregov

2021 A Piano concert with four solo pianists, initiated by Tisa Herlec (SI)

These videos were filmed, and edited by Rick Witlox (NL)

Or see our TOT - YouTube channel.