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For the third year The Orange Tree [TOT] invites artists from Rotterdam to submit a global sketch for a site-specific and temporary artwork.

The site is a semi-wild garden of circa 270 m2 bordering a brick wall of approximately 15x4 meters. It's up to the artist[s] how they want to use the space.

We offer a three-month work period to the selected artist[s] in which they can develop the idea as a work-in-process of research and construction.

In collaboration with TOT, the garden can be opened to the public at set times during the creative process where site-events can take place.

Between the initial and final phases of the artist[s] working period, a number of short film recordings will be shot as documentation for our use and given to the artist. TOT expects the artist[s] to work with the organization in the form of agreements with regard to making the recordings, short interviews, and explanations of their work[s] for a wider audience. These recordings are planned in consultation with the artist[s]. See: TOT-youtube


TOT offers a safe place for artists in the garden to experiment and research where they can broaden their artistry. In addition, at the end of this work period we offer an option to present the developed artwork[s] during the Groot Rotterdamse Weekend, 16 - 17 Sept 2023.

The installation/artwork[s] have a temporary status and must be dismantled at the end of the year. TOT invites the artist[s] to leave a reflection of their artistic developments in an adjoining patch of land called Ars Longa, as did Mika Radescu, Aletta de Jong and Watershore in our first and second season.

The garden is part of a SKAR studio building in South Rotterdam and located on Oranjeboomstraat 109.

Facilities: basic

Work period: 01 July – 01 October

Open call planning dates:

--Mon 12 June: deadline for proposals

--Mon 19 June: announcement of the selected artist(s)

-- Fri   23 June: start consultation between the artist(s) and representatives of TOT to compile a timetable for the work period.

-- Sat  24 June: to 1 July: access to garden, set-up workspace

Fee: € 1500 for a working period of approximately three months, Fee is exclusive of VAT, including material, travel and transport costs.

What must your submission meet?
including sketch ideas, supporting text (max 1 A4), a timeline of activity, short CV (max 2 A4), and portfolio (pdf) of 5 works related to this call or a reference to your website.

Send your material in a pdf, in a zip file or via we-transfer, (max 10MB) to: opencall[at]

Questions and any request to visit the garden: and starting 01 June.

The Orange Tree (TOT) Foundation is committed to providing visual artists with a temporary workplace and is a platform to meet and work with other artists and professionals. In this way, the Foundation contributes to the development of artistry in a general sense and artistry in Rotterdam in particular.

Through presentations of the productions, TOT wants to connect with an interested audience and sees a social need for a connection between the Foundation and the residents of Rotterdam. TOT wants to emphasize that art is not used as an instrument to answer these needs but to bring about an encounter. TOT values art for its sake, for its artistic value.

A TOT project always has a temporary character with the end result being an exhibition, exposition, event or product, all to be archived for future reference.

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This open call is made possible in part by the support of SKAR and Cultuur Concrete